Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Energy conservation means using less energy without impacting the occupants' everyday activities or productivity. An important part of energy conservation is advanced controls on both the utility and customer sides of the electric meter. Reducing the power it takes for a building to operate is usually the first step an owner can take to cut operating costs, while also reducing a building’s environmental impact. When an owner decides to go for LEED™ certification, the electrical contractor will likely have the most influence on the projects success. Over 40% of what LEED™ certification covers is the work that electrical contractors perform, including atmosphere and lighting control, on-site renewable energy generation and management, construction materials and lighting component selection, and light-pollution reduction.

In order for a building to pass the LEED™ rating system they have to earn enough points, or credits, in different categories. An experienced and knowledgeable electrical contractor can help a project earn credits in three very important LEED™ categories: Energy & Atmosphere, Indoor Environment Quality and Materials & Resources. Littleton Electric provides the expertise needed to complete the installation phase of every project.

Previous LEED™ Certified Projects

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Ft. McClellan Army National Guard Training Center
Pelham Range-Alexandria, AL

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